A 500-Million-Euro investment!

Ulrich Pelz, the CEO of Iresi International, one of the creators of Kıyı İstanbul Marina & Çarşı, commentated on the project during the brand’s launch meeting.

Ulrich Pelz said about the gigantic investment:

“Kıyı İstanbul will contribute to İstanbul and to Türkiye as a masterpiece I’m very proud of. I constantly get asked why we have built such a project, particularly in these times when tourism in Turkey is adversely affected. There are quite a few answers to that. Turkey has many positive aspects to it. The young and dynamic population is a tremendously valuable potential for the country. İstanbul is really a thrilling metropolitan city. It attracts the whole world to itself like a magnet, and that will never change. It is for these reasons that Kıyı İstanbul will remain a center of attraction for Türkiye, especially for Turkish people and for foreign guests that will be visiting Türkiye.”

Ulrich Pelz also made a touch on the economic contribution Kıyı İstanbul Marina & Çarşı will be bringing about in the area:

“Our project sits on a project value of 500 million Euros. It houses an unmatchable marina, a marketplace of 81.000 m2, a boutique hotel, a conference hall and numerous other facilities. I specifically thank Burgan Bank for the support they provided us in the financing of the project. We are blissful to be doing this project in İstanbul and in Türkiye. My hope is that we will all be together in its official grand opening. This project, which is ultimately going to provide employment for about four thousand people, will truly contribute heavily to the economy of the area. I know that you all, like me, are looking forward to the opening.”

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