About Us

Turkey’s strategic position attracts numberless international investors to the country.
Incentives and tax advantages foreign investors are granted by the Turkish government bear quite favorable outcomes for investors.
That İstanbul is a sensationally enthusing metropol with its young and dynamic flows of population played a huge part in the choice of location for Kıyı İstanbul Çarşı & Marina, effectuated in the leadership of Yeditepe İnşaat and with the collaboration of four foreign investor companies.
The project, having taken its start with an investment of €255 Million, has been planned to be the answer to all your needs; from a bazaar, a hotel and a residence to a marina and a beach.
Kıyı İstanbul Çarşı & Marina, whose landed property was taken over in 2015 June, was realized into a project as a conclusion to two years of research by Ulrich Pelz, the CEO of Iresi İnternational, which has a yacht port in Montenegro, and Architect Baran Uyan. Sirkeci Train Station and 32 exquisite artefacts in the Çarşı section were selected through transcursion of European cities.
The foundation of Kıyı İstanbul Çarşı & Marina, grounded on over 4 million tons of rock laid in the sea, was laid in 2018 July, following the ratifications granted by the Council of Monuments.
Çarşı, containing the 7 avenues and the 7 open spaces housing symbolic structures from seven reputed cities and from Sarajevo, is a colossal project that classifies as Turkey’s first open-air museum.
Kıyı İstanbul, which is going to provide employment for 4.000 people, will be providing serious contribution to the district’s economy.

As Yeditepe İnşaat, with a matchless sailor marina we have taken the first step of the sailor society culture, a matter most overlooked in our geography.

It is our desire, through this path we embarked on with this vision, to ripen into an enterprise that boosts the quality of life for the people of our locality.


It is our mission of designation to found and ensure future continuation of sailor culture in collaboration with our children who are our future, and our experienced fellow yachtsmen. We are and will be continuously working to discharge all our responsibilities for an environmentalist foundation and clean seas; and to instill in our children and our youth the passion for the sea.
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