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7 seasons, 4 climates, 7 hills, 7 countries, 7 cities, 7 squares, 7 avenues.
Inspired by the 7 hills of İstanbul and 7 splendiferous cities in Europe, Kıyı İstanbul awaits its visitors in Büyükçekmece, a town that has made its mark amongst recently rising values with its lengthy coastline, and its growth and progress through the years.
With its foundation laid by Yeditepe İnşaat in 2018 July, Kıyı İstanbul is planned on a 250 thousand m2 area, 80 thousand m2 of which is leasable, such that it is the answer to all your needs; be it a bazaar, hotel, residence, marina or a beach.

The second biggest marina in Europe, Kıyı İstanbul is facilitated with a hotel with 152 rooms, a residence of 58 duplexes, a ‘Private Gentleman Club and Beach’ with a capacity of 1000 persons, a ‘Marina Club’ for 500 persons, a marina for 600 yachts and the Çarşı section with its buildings that are an open air museum.

In Büyükçekmece, one of the trendy districts of İstanbul through its recent developments, Kıyı İstanbul aims to enrich and contribute value to not only the area but to the whole of Türkiye.
Hosting 7 avenues and 7 squares bearing the names of 7 marvelous European cities and their renowned symbolic structures, the huge project with its unique architecture is virtually an open air museum.
In Çarşı, located on the spot where the lake, the sea and the land road intercept, 7 remarkable European cities of Budapest, Milan, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, London and Vienna, and Sarajevo as a reflector of İslam culture, have all been symbolically brought together; and a literal ‘MiniEurope’ was conceived through the enlivenment of their respective local atmospheres via 37 significant architectural details.
The project aspires to reflect the spirits of these 7 cities in a myriad of details from ornamental pools and street furniture to open space paving materials and illumination.

Attracting attention with its new and distinctive concept, Kıyı İstanbul also aims to reflect the vital atmosphere of European cities on our own people, merely 10% of whom own a passport and only 7-8% of whom have had an abroad experience.

With famed, exclusive brands in its contexture and an aim to be the liveliest address where everyone is promised quality time, Kıyı İstanbul has over 200 shops in its Çarşı section, established on its 88 thousand m2 area.

Along with ‘Premium’ restaurants positioned on an open terrace with uninterrupted view of the Marmara Sea, the project has within it a cinema with 16 saloons on a 4 thousand m2 area, and a congress center with a capacity of 1200 persons.

Along with meeting up with famous brands in Kıyı İstanbul, you will also be experiencing joy at the top of the dial.
Project Kıyı İstanbul greets us with an exclusive family entertainment park concept that has gathered together the culture of European cities, squares and streets with the sense of museums.

Kıyı İstanbul steps forward by creating a cultural source for visitors through historical interpretations on the truthfully built structures, by creating applications for smart devices, and by enhancing the cultural richness via weekend tours to be organized for students.

Reconstructing the West’s atmosphere at the gate of İstanbul that opens to the West and stretching along a 1200 meter-long coastline, Kıyı İstanbul aims to reestablish the enervated human-sea relationship with even stronger bonds.
With all shades of blue available in it, Kıyı İstanbul will be at service with its marina yacht clubs, two semi-olympic swimming pools, windsurfing facilities, 75-ton and 200-ton travel lifts and slipway services, Marine Museum and Marine Library.
Sirkeci Railway Station, which was established on the central quay of the project, will have a marine library and a yacht club. New York Yacht Club is a branch of the club membership, the reference system will be realized.

With its rich spaces, recreation areas, marina, hotel and museums, Kıyı İstanbul offers more than a living space. The hotel in the project is above the sea and has 152 rooms on 2 storeys. Negotiations stream at full steam with international hotel chains for the facility, for which no details are spared.
Kıyı İstanbul aims to host its visitors on the sunbathing terraces of the hotel, and in the A Class restaurants.
Along with its office area of 10.000 m2 and a 5.000 m2 health center, Kıyı İstanbul will have two separate MiniaTurk Museums.

Kıyı İstanbul is established on the easiest to access spot in Büyükçekmece, which is on the historical transportational axis opening to Europe.
In Kıyı İstanbul, there is an İDO port that is entirely enclosed by the project premises and has a target of 10.000 passengers a day.
The project site is 5 minutes to TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center and 30 km to İstanbul Airport.

From Kıyı İstanbul Çarşı & Marina, it is within possibility to reach Topkapı Palace, the Grand Bazaar and Hagia Sophia Museum in 30 minutes.

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