Open-air Museum

Kıyı İstanbul Çarşı Marina aspires to keep a finger on the pulse of culture and art.

There are 16 movie theaters on an area of 4.000 m2 in Kıyı İstanbul. Visitors of Kıyı İstanbul will watch movies showing with the latest technology. A new taste will be added to the pleasure of cinema in gigantic theaters.

Gearing up to be the host to renowned names in Türkiye and the world, Kıyı İstanbul is mentioned by is enormous concert areas. Kıyı İstanbul will sign its name in İstanbul’s culture life with concerts and events at the seashore and in the open air.

 2 MiniaTürk Museum

In Kıyı İstanbul, which brings European Architecture to Türkiye, there are 2 MiniaTürk Museums where miniature replicas of Turkey hold place. Türkiye’s important assets worth seeing will be in the open air museum. Kıyı İstanbul plans to collectively present Türkiye’s beauties to its visitors with two MiniaTürk museums.

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