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Budapest Street

Standing out with Ottoman feel in its architecture and uniting fire and water, Budapest is built in Kıyı İstanbul with all its magnificence.

Budapest, divided in two by River Danube or Tuna in Turkish, is a fabulously epic city that got its name from water and fire, Buda meaning water and Pest meaning fire. Budapest, one of the two sides of which is named ‘water’ and the other ‘fire’, is one of the most tourist-attracting addresses in Europe. Standing out with the Ottoman feel in its architecture, Budapest is built in Kıyı İstanbul Çarşı with all its magnificence. The 110 year-old Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library and Comedy Theatre of Budapest, one of the most spectacular monuments of 19th Century, were built on Budapest Street in Kıyı İstanbul Çarşı, with inspiration from their originals. ‘Great Hall Market’, the largest market area in Budapest, and the international ‘Keleti Train Station’ are on the street. ‘Budapest Street’ will reflect on its visitors the city’s two different spirits of day and night. ‘Budapest Street’, where you can find anything you are looking for from Hungarian brands to delightful tastes you will never forget, will take you on a pleasurable journey.

History from KIYI

Comedy Theatre, Budapeşte’nin en eski tiyatrolarından biri. Bina, 19. yy’ın başlarında muhafazakar tiyatroya muhalefet olarak kuruldu. Macar tiyatrosunda önce bir kurum haline gelen Comedy Theatre, günümüzde de aktif olarak kullanılıyor.

Keleti Train Station in Budapest is an internationally serving station. Its construction started in 1881 and was completed in three years. Still commonly used, Keleti Train Station went under comprehensive restoration in 1998.

A part of the biggest web of libraries in Hungary, Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library is found in Wenckheim Palace from 19th Century. Built in Neo-Baroque architecture, Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library attracts attention with its raised ceilings, inlaid walls and colossal lighting.

Great Hall Market is Hungary’s largest and oldest covered market. Actualised with the investment by Károly Kamermayer, the first mayor of Budapest, Great Hall Market opened in 1897. Mesmerizing with its exteriors, Great Hall Market gives its visitors a unique experience.

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