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Milan Street

‘The happiest city’ in Italy and literally the heart of fashion, Milano makes its appearance with all its charms.

‘Galleria Vittorio Emanuele’, one of the first shopping centers in the city, is now on ‘Milano Street’ in Kıyı İstanbul. ‘Galleria d’Arte Moderna’, which attracts millions of tourists with its artworks, and ‘Palazzo Marino’, extant since 16th Century, have been located in Kıyı İstanbul. ‘Politecnico di Milano’, dazzling with its architecture, is another mark on ‘Milano Street’. ‘Casa Verdi’, originally founded in 1896 by Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, was installed on the street with respective inspiration.

History from KIYI

In service since 1877, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is one of the oldest shopping centers around the globe. Astonishing visitors with long streets and a glass ceiling, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is at the center of Milano.

Casa Verdi was originally built in 1896 by architect Camillo Boito upon request by Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi. Known as ‘Musicians’ Home’, Casa Verdi is one of Italy’s greatest tourist attractions.

One of the oldest universities in Italy, Politecnico Di Milano was founded in 1863. Offering education in engineering, architecture and industrial design, the university consists of two center offices and six campuses.

Galleri D’arte Moderna, opened in 1883, is one of the most remarkable art galleries. Designed by architect Cesare Bazzani, Galleri D’arte Moderna is where more than 5.000 pieces from 19th and 20th Century are displayed. Being home to exhibitions of world’s renowned artists as well, Galleri D’arte Moderna offers a pleasurable journey.

A palace from 16th Century, Palazzo Marino lies in the center of Milano. The building has served as the city hall since 1861.

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