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Sarajevo Square

Carrying remnants of Ottoman architecture, the city is built in Kıyı İstanbul with spectacular structures.

Originally built as the city hall during the Austria-Hungary Empire but used as a library today, Vijecnica holds its place in Sarajevo in Kıyı İstanbul. Almost a century-old National Theatre and Sarajevo University, one of the most important universities in Sarajevo, are structures we will encounter in Kıyı İstanbul Çarşı. Army Hall, which was originally built on a single storey in 1881 but then transformed into a complex and included in Bosnia Herzegovina National Monuments in 2006, has been constructed with its splendid architecture in Kıyı İstanbul. Bascarsija has survived since 16th Century and has become essential to Balkan tours with its authentic architecture. Bascarsija came back to life in Kıyı İstanbul. Restaurants where you can find tastes from Turkish Cuisine will be in Sarajevo in Kıyı İstanbul, İstanbul’s gate to Europe. Cafes, restaurants and shops where modern architecture meets history will add a whole different vibe to your joy of shopping.

History from KIYI

Vijnecnica, imparatorluk döneminde belediye binası olarak inşa edildi. Günümüzde kütüphane olarak kullanılan binanın açılış yılı 1896…

The National Theatre in Bosnia-Herzegovinian capital Sarajevo started its service in 1921. Home to the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra’s concerts, the National Theatre is a most visited building in Sarajevo.

Bascarsija or Baş Çarşı in Turkish, the heart of Sarajevo, opened in 16th Century. The bazaar was a target to Serbian armies during the war of Bosnia. Blending in its own architectural texture the Ottoman city concept and the Islamic culture, Bascarsija is an essential stop of the Balkan tours of our day. Bascarsija is defined as the heart of Sarajevo, being one of the busiest spots in the city with wooden shops on both sides.

One of the oldest in Sarajevo, Sarajevo University has an international reputation. A primary choice for especially Turkish students, the university makes a strong impression with its statuesque building.

Army Hall was built as a single storey in 1881. The building, known as ‘Architects’ Building’, was afterwards altered into a complex and included in the Bosnia Herzegovina National Monuments list in 2006.

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