Sirkeci Railhead

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Sirkeci Railhead

Sirkeci Train Station, built by Abdulhamit II on the European side of İstanbul, has taken its place in Kıyı İstanbul.

Installed on the middle pier of the project, Sirkeci Train Station will have a marine library and the yacht club. Classifying as a branch of New York Yacht Club, the club will accept membership through reference system. Sirkeci Train Station will also have a swimming pool by its side.
New York Yat Külübünün şubesi niteliğindeki, kulübe üyelik, referans sistemi ile gerçekleştirilecek. Orta rıhtıma kurulan Sirkeci Garı’nın yanında bir de yüzme havuzu bulunacak.

History from KIYI

Sirkeci Train Station, Istanbul's gate to Europe, was put into service on 3rd November 1890 German architect and engineer A. Jasmund, who came to İstanbul to do examinations on the Eastern architecture, assumed the title of the Palace's consulting architect during the time of Sultan Abdülhamid II. In preparation for the project of the station building, Jasmund zoomed in on the conception of a point where The East and the West conjoined. He built windows with sharp arches and in the middle a wide gate that evoked the stone gates of Seljukian time.

The foundational granite on which the building stands and the outer coating marbles were brought from Arden, Marseilles. Large heating stoves from Austria were placed in the waiting halls. The lighting for the building was provided with 300 gas lanterns placed in various spots.

There were clock towers on both sides of the middle gate, three big restaurants and also a spacious beer garden in the back of the building and an open-air restaurant.

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