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Vienna Street

Famous for its gigantic baroque palaces and majestic avenues, the city has moved to Kıyı İstanbul Çarşı! The first three historical buildings to come to mind when Vienna is mentioned have been reconstructed on true inspiration on ‘Vienna Street’ in Kıyı İstanbul Çarşı.

‘State Opera’, opened with Mozart’s Don Giovanni in 1869, has taken its place in ‘Vienna Street.’ ‘Burgtheater’ has been built in Vienna Street with its stunning architecture. The street is complete with a replica of Gloriette in Schönbrunn Palace, a center of gravitation for tourists. A class restaurants of Vienna Cuisine with a touch of Ottoman will serve in the street. In Vienna Street, where aesthetics and grace meet, you will feel as though in the streets of this magnificent European city and embark on a historical journey.

History from KIYI

Designed by world famous architect Josef Hlávka to reflect the Neo-Renaissance style, State Opera was completed in 8 years. The building opened its curtains on 25 May 1969 in the company of Mozart’s Don Giovanni, suffered major damage in World Warr II. State Opera gained its current appearance through long years of restoration efforts.

Burgtheater is another spectacular structure that comes to mind when Vienna is mentioned.

Gloriette holds place in the garden of Schönbrunn Palace, built in 1775. Established as a symbol of the defeat of the Prusian army by Austrian forces in 1757, the monument attracts millions of tourists to the city with a fascinating view.

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